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NOTE: This is not a Universal Binary, It was built for Intel Macs.

While setting up a new VMWare image I found myself needing to convert an old .bin/.cue disk backup to iso format. Looking for a simple command line utility I came across BinChunker, a GPL-licensed *nix source that fit the bill to the tee. The official site has the source code and RedHat RPM’s but nothing for OS X.

A quick compile took care of that — BinChunker for OS X.

Download the utility, extract it to your Home directory and issue the following command from a shell prompt:

sudo cp bchunk /usr/bin/

To make sure your newly installed utility has the correct execute permissions and that its accessible to you through the terminal, run this code:

sudo chmod a+x /usr/bin/bchunk

To convert a .bin/.cue pair to a .iso, you can issue this command:

bchunk myinputfile.bin myinputfile.cue myoutputfile

If you are getting a not found error, make sure that /usr/bin/ is in your path. To check this, type

echo $PATH

and look for /usr/bin/ in the result. If it isn’t there, type 

sudo nano /etc/profile

 and add /usr/bin; to the PATH=… line. Then press CTRL+x followed by Y to confirm and the enter key to verify the filename to save and exit nano. Then execute 

source /etc/profile

 to refresh the path

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